UPDATE: 2017

Notes from the bunker:

Small bummer

'The whatever' has had some transfer issues so please accept apologies if you pressed 'play' and got the silent treatment.  As it was shot on a budget of gum and string in 1995-1998, it is still one of my earliest, and happiest achievements and records a pre-internet era in a way; sorry to all fans of the smalls, of which I am a big one and the great times this film represents. Until I find a standard and solution that will work, please accept a small moratorium on making it available.

(If desperate a copy is in the National Library archives in Ottawa. You can go and view it on VCR or ask them to copy it to DVD). It is a historical document.  Friggen rights.

Thank you.


The good news is that some small cameos from the film feature in the very successful major release: 'The smalls: Forever is a long time."

Please support this film.

"If the cops and corporations are the bigs...then we are the smalls."

BUY IT HERE. Get the dirty little rock and roll documentary that smalls fans have been demanding for years. The whatever charts the highs and lows of Alberta rock cowboys the smalls as they cross Canada and tour France and Belgium for the first time. Features European riot footage, backstage antics, studio recording footage from 1998`s My Dear Little Angle, van breakdowns and band fights in France.

Features the smalls rock classics: Payload, PIN, My SaddleHorse has Died, and Alvarez.

This is the 22 minute Much Music edition with Corb Lund out take.

***NEW 2011*** DVD includes FREE "never published" article from the filming of the whatever  in 1996 (while stocks last) PLUS 90 minute (rough cut, original) version.

The 90 minute (original) version includes bonus studio footage and much more Montreal and European (Liege, Belgium and Amsterdam) footage. 22 minute version includes footage not seen in the 90 minute version. Get them both. It is small change for a big slice of Canadian culture

the whatever
$CAN 20.00

Directed by: John Stiles

Edited by: Ian Harvey

Starring: Mike Caldwell, Dug Bevans, Corby Lund, Terry Johnson, Steve Smith, Francis Tomchak, Reverso Blotto, Brice Miramont, Glenn Robinson, with cameos by Christine, Gwarr (FBI), Franz from Grimskunk and Sties

Produced in association with smallsong recordings, Insolent Boy Entertainment Inc. and Much Music.

Thanks to Dr. and Mrs. D.A. Stiles, John D. Scott, Karen Rodriguez, Bruce Moffit, Steven Dee, Michael Scinyi... and many more.

Eat Nova Scotia apples and tell your mother you love her.

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